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Yaping Liu

Principal InvestigatorPrincipal Investigator

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Yaping Liu (刘亚平) is an Assistant Professor (tenure-track) at the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics in the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine (2023-). He started his lab as an assistant Professor (tenure-track) at Division of Human Genetics and Biomedical Informatics in CCHMC and Department of Pediatric in University of Cincinnati College of Medicine (2019-2023). Prior to joining CCHMC and UC faculty, he was the principal computational biologist at a liquid biopsy company in 2018. In 2014-2017, he was a postdoc associate with Dr. Manolis Kellis in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory MIT and Broad institute. In 2014, He received his Ph.D. in Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology focused on cancer epigenomics under the supervision of Dr. Benjamin P. Berman at University of Southern California. In 2008, he received his B.S. in Biotechnology from Nanjing University (南京大学) in China. In 2004, he gradudated from the high school attached to Hunan Normal University (湖南师大附中).

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